3 Responses to “Coming Events”

  1. Magenta Haired Leo Says:

    I thought I should warn you and the other RR diners, that Bewon may be the worst dining experience I have had in Portland. There really is no “may be” it’s a definite. My husband and I ate there once. The server was the rudest and most condescending person I have spoken to in my life, down to the point of either ignoring me completely and only speaking to my husband or s p e a k i n g very s l o w l y whenever he actually spoke to me. I almost left before the food arrived.

    To give you some background, we eat out about twice a week and like every type of asian food. We eat them enough that we can tell the difference in the cooking styles, know the names of many dishes and even the spices particular to the cultures. My husband lived with a Korean woman for 5 years and knows the food very well.

    When he asked for a specific dish which he didn’t see on the menu, but is common to Korean cuisine, the server replied, “This is a Korean restaurant,” turned on his heel and walked away. As though that was the “duh” answer and anyone who asked for that dish obviously didn’t know the difference between Chinese food and Taco Bell.

    We ordered a started of a variety dish. The food was served in tiny bowls which I wanted to keep at the table as I tried each one so any that I really liked I could identify and order more of. Most of the items on this “starter” plate were also listed on the menu as entrees. The server, busperson and someone who came out of the kitchen now and then kept trying to take the bowls away. I asked them to leave them, repeatedly. I explained why I wanted them left longer. The server grabbed a bowl out of my hand and told me, it didn’t matter if I liked them because I couldn’t have more. If I wanted more it would be more money. Did I look like I was expecting more food to be free? I was reasonably well dressed, groomed, clean and carrying a nice purse. I didn’t look like someone who might be planning to get some free scraps before darting out the door. I fully expected to pay for additional servings. But I would sure like to have been able to figure out what I wanted to pay for a serving of!

    About servings, I am using the term loosely. I don’t exaggerate when I say that you can hardly call the tiny bowls a serving. One tasty bit of something was literally 15 black beans in a dish. I counted them. There were 15. They were not in a sauce with other veggies or meat. They were 15 little beans, all alone, in a tiny white bowl. Hardly anything to get upset about, even if I asked for another serving, for free!

    By this point I was so disgusted with the service, the server, the servings and well just about everything, that I was ready to go. I didn’t even order an entree. My husband ordered some sort of soupy dish with recognizable animal parts and large chunks of vegetables in a runny broth. I sat and stewed and waited for him to eat. When he was done, we paid the check and left.

    I didn’t ask to see the check before we left and it was a good thing. He told me on the way home it was just over $50 for the two of us. Which would be fine if we actually ate, but an appetizer for two and a bowl of soup shouldn’t be $50. We didn’t have cocktails or dessert. I was so hungry I stopped for some $6 Thai take out on the way home and ate it in my livingroom. My kids brought me a drink and put on the tv for me. I ended the night with great atmosphere, great service, decent food… just not at Bewon.

    To this day we jokingly call it “Fifteen Beans” and use it as the comparison for all of our dining out experiences. Sorry folks, but we wont be joining you that night, unless of course it’s to sit in the corner, stare at the server and throw beans at him when his back is turned. That is if we bring our own, goodness knows it wouldn’t be fun to throw just 15 beans!

  2. Frank Says:

    I’m sorry you had this experience at Bewon’s, Leo. To me, it seems rather atypical since we’ve brought in our 2 kids, toddler-aged, to the restaurant and never had any issues with the service even though they’ve put handprints all over the glass windows or dropped food all over the floor.

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