The Dining Report –
Encanto – Please Hold On While We Bring Your Food From New Mexico (via donkey cart.)

Yes, it’s time again for a few words from your rude, arrogant, and factually confused hostess. Or so I’m told, via a comment submitted to the review of 23Hoyt (actually a pretty tame review). When it comes to comments, the RR blog gets more spam than legitimate dining remarks, so before we think about posting what few comments we get, Marnie and myself always need to decide whether the comments actually have anything to do with Restaurant Roulette or not. All the stuff about winning the British lottery and such we automatically dump (no wonder I’m not rich already), but when someone sends a quote from Albert Camus stating … “you are rude, and arrogant, and your facts are not correct”, there is a decision to be made, is this comment just more spam, in this case at least intellectually driven spam for a change, or is this comment directed at your kindly, innocent RR hostess/reviewer?

Obviously since I’m blathering on about it, I’ve decided to accept that this remarks was sent referring to me, and that not everyone in the entire universe enjoys my dining commentaries (what is wrong with some people?). Sure, especially when a dinner is extra quirky, I can be a tad (a tad) rude in my comments, afterall, isn’t that why many of you read them? If everything was hearts and flowers and little angels flapping their perfect wings amongst sweetness and light, would anyone even take the time to peruse even half of my insanely long ramblings discussing the dinners? I tend to doubt it.

As far as arrogant, isn’t just stating your opinion a form of arrogance in itself, just assuming that anything you have to say has any validity at any time? But hey buddy, remember me, the person who is always talking about snorfling food, and drooling on my pillow, and clumsily tumbling off of tuffets into strangers laps, don’t you know my projected image is one of delightful self-effacement, which is 50 million miles from arrogant?

It’s certainly true, I’ve always made it a point to know quite a bit about the local dining scene, this comes from reading and eating out in Portland my entire life, and I’ve never been shy with my opinions and comments on this subject, but whether I state them arrogantly or not, that’s not something I would notice about myself, now is it? Who really sits around thinking about themselves …. “oh, for crying out loud, there I go, being arrogant again”. Unlikely.