Wong's King SeafoodHey, traditional Easter celebrants, you missed out on our great RR shrimp and chocolate extravaganza, a journey that took our select but laughter-demented crew not only on a tour of some of the best Asian cuisine our city has to offer, but to Pix, that most wonderful chocolate paradise.

Although Marnie seems perhaps a little confused today, (probably some weird rebound from all that candy she and Leo bought at Pix,) and kept referring to our gathering as happening on Saturday (oh yeah, you know that famous holiday, Easter Saturday,) since I saved all my confusion for Sunday, I’ll let her lead off with her thoughts on our somewhat off-kilter Easter (and thank you so much Dave for saying it was your best Easter ever. It warms my heart to hear comments like that from the group. If only I had a heart. But I’m all stomach, unfortunately in multiple ways.) And Marnie, that wasn’t a corncob pipe, that was a deep fried shrimp I was sucking on…