Callaloo LogoWhen I entered Callaloo, I thought, this seems like a decent sort of place, but I wasn’t exactly drawn away by thoughts of the Caribbean from the decor. I’m thinking that much of the interior design in Callaloo came from the predecessor in the space, Cafe Cassisnis (or something like that,) a french bistro that always seemed to be closed when I wanted to go there (gee, I wonder why they bit it?) The atmosphere at Callaloo seemed a bit refined for what commonly passes as Caribbean here, either over the top Cuban like Pambiche (nothing refined there,) or aquatic, like Salvadore Molly’s, and its predecessor on Belmont, the often lamented Sweetwaters, a much loved place whose owners unfortunately didn’t believe in paying taxes. Thinking back to my time in Barbados and St. Lucia, however, many of those places just had normal restaurant decor, sometimes adapted from a previous restaurant, I don’t remember many of those places looking like an advertisement for Sea World either. Perhaps there’s a comment lurking in there somewhere about our stereotypicalization (yes, I’m making that word up, and I like it,) of other cultures, in this case the Caribbean, a place of a million cultures, British, French, Spanish, Dutch and African.