The Dining Report – Le Vieux

Touring the World in One Restaurant

As many of you know, our little group has taken a long sabbatical, in the beginning due to me unexpectedly losing my employment.IMG_4271¬†After finding a job 11 months ago, it took me awhile to get our dining cabal traveling down the local food expressway once again, but on January 24th we had our first dinner since September of 2013. Due to illness, my table wasn’t quite as full as I had planned, but the company I did have on this Saturday evening proved almost overwhelmingly enjoyable.

On this evening, It was extremely nice to be reunited with my good dining friends, most of whom I had not seen in a year or more, Tracy and Peter, Glenda, and David. Also joining me, a new member to Restaurant Roulette, Maya, accompanied by her food enthusiastic friend Teresa, filling in for Maya’s husband Will, who had to give us a pass this time out.

As is my usual modus operandi, I tried to select a restaurant that was fairly new, as any decent new Portland restaurant basically becomes impossible to get into on a Saturday night after a month or so, especially if you have a larger sort of group. IMG_4264I had been reading about the soon to open Le Vieux, and thought their rotating menu of classic European dishes sounded interesting. Also, I had dined in this space, that old house at NW 23rd Place and Vaughn St., almost 20 years ago, and wanted to see what they had done with the place after all that time. Unfortunately, this is one of those locations where no one ever seems to have much luck. While 23rd and Vaughn is a high visibility intersection, as that’s where the freeway off-ramp purges itself, NW 23rd Place and Vaughn manages to be much more tucked away, and since the restaurant is elevated from street level, it’s hard to notice unless you are going east down Vaughn. The acclaimed since it opened Ataula is right around the corner though, so maybe more people are lurking around this block looking for eats, especially when Ataula is full. (more…)