Down With the Industrial Revolution!

A few months after it opened, around three years ago, I took a group of diners to Ned Ludd. I was infamously late to that dinner, as I kept driving down MLK, back and forth, without spotting the building (it didn’t look like I had planned.) This time I knew right where to find Ned Ludd, and felt a little better when two other people this evening had difficulty spotting the restaurant  (it sits back behind a little courtyard, and the signage is very low key.)

IMG_3380Because I dribbled on plenty about the Ned Ludd concept a few years ago, I’m going to attempt to keep this brief. As many people know, Ned Ludd was the figurehead for a British labor movement long ago that protested the Industrial Revolution by breaking their machinery. They understood that machines were taking human positions, creating less work and fewer jobs, much like the Computer Revolution is screwing many of us over now (hey, I’m in printing, we’re really screwed. What we need is a modern Luddite Movement!) Anyway, those folks believed in a more back to basics ethos, which is the entire concept behind Ned Ludd, cook everything on one old fashioned, tried and true piece of equipment, in their case a wood burning oven. (more…)