No Firearms Involved, But Lots of Fishing Poles.


IMG_2935According to those informative folks at Wikipedia …. “A Riffle is a short, relatively shallow and coarse-bedded length of stream over which the stream flows at higher velocity and higher turbulence than it normally does in comparison to a pool. As a result of the increased velocity and heightened turbulence, small ripples are frequently found. Riffles are usually caused by an increase in a stream bed’s slope or an obstruction in the water.” My guess would be that lots of fishermen don’t even know this term, although they are probably acquainted with the phenomenon. Maybe it’s more of an East Coast thing.

Many months ago, I read on my source for much local food news,, that a couple of high-end chefs (and/or high-end chefs that are also a couple) from New York were scouting out downtown locations for their catch-inspired seafood restaurant (no, I don’t really know what catch-inspired means either, but I would assume it refers to seafood fresher than you can find in your local dumpster.) After much passing time the Norris duo, Ken and Jennifer, decided the now vacant 50 Plates space (I NEVER wanted to go to that place, retro food, ick) looked good, so they started remodeling their new eatery in their vision, a block from Andina and right across from the always charming Cargo. They also settled on a name, Riffle NW. I would guess that about 25% of the people who have gone to the restaurant or have heard about the restaurant have any clue what the name refers to. I am very anti-firearm, so I associated the name with some weapon, despite the added r, and thought maybe they shot the fish out of the water (which could be a bit rough if you wanted intact product. Fish sticks, maybe.) (more…)