July 2011

And Behind Door #3, We Have Liver Ale!

Our group is a yo-yo (hey, at least I didn’t say full of yo-yos,) one dinner we have 13, then cancel due to lack of interest, then 10 people, then 13 people, it really makes setting-up those reservations in advance a tricky situation. And when you are potentially bringing a group of 12 or more, or even 8 or more, and the restaurant is a hot commodity, or not that big, or whatever, you must give as much advance notice as possible. So I typically shoot for 10 days. But trying to guess how many people are available or interested in a particular dinner, this is not easy, and I often have to call a restaurant multiple times to get enough chairs, or to let them know we are more minicule than I had planned.

IMG_2319Sometimes this works out better than other instances. 3 Doors Down is a restaurant who has been on that same impossible to park block off Hawthorne, across from the Bagdad, for somewhere around 15 years, although it might be longer than that. For about the first 10 years of so the place was tiny, I didn’t even consider trying to wedge a group in there, as they were famous for the lines out the door and no waiting area. A couple of years (?) ago that changed, however, 3 Ds expanded into that space to the South of them as well (what was it, a high end clothing store???) and then they had double the space, a bar, a waiting area, and entertained reservations and everything. Nonetheless, 8 people is a decent sized group for them on a Friday night, and while originally they didn’t want to give me a reservation after 6:00, I guess someone thought in this economy it was better not to turn away eight eatees, so they gave me a 6:30 reservation as requested. (more…)

Wrath of Ceviche (Luckily no Klaus Kinski though.)


As I have already posted entries on two different del Inti dinners on this blog, and have hopefully given you the flavor of the place and the food, this chronicle of our most recent dinner might be a bit briefer, and perhaps more participant rather than restaurant oriented. I don’t want to give either the food or the bodies assembled the short end of the stick though, so I will blab on about something or other in this space, since I need something to put between those purty food photos.

So has anyone out there not heard about my shed? How about those chickens?

Okay, perhaps something a bit more Restaurant Roulettesk is in order. IMG_2243As I’ve mentioned before, I like del Inti, and I love the food of Peru (and don’t they have some sort of neat river there, too? I’m not much for those multicolor knitted hats though, they scared me in one of those Werner Herzog movies.) I suppose del Inti could be called a little step-sister of Andina, as the owner and also the┬áprimary chef escaped from there. I don’t think either gentleman enjoyed their days at Andina, but really, if you are a Peruvian chef and you come to Portland, where else would you cut your teeth but at the Peruvian big boy in town? Also, the cooking at del Inti is very similar to what you would get at Andina, (it’s Peruvian, after all) not quite on such a large scale, but delicious food and really interesting ingredients.