World of Weenies and Other Elongated, Stuffed, Cured, and Tasty Tidbits

Summer is finally here, kinda, and consequently my mind had been imploded into little bits and pieces by a yard project that should haven taken about two weeks, but took me two months to bring to completion, despite my having devoted almost every daylight hour of my spare time to it. Consequently, the Dining Report on our dinner at Olympics Provisions NW is more or less bits, pieces, recollections, and photos, but here’s what I’ve got, choppy but true …………………

A weird use of the former Carlyle space, which previously struck me as large and classy (although for some reason, the lunch I had there was greasy plus, but good.) IMG_2233If you didn’t know that you were eating there, you would not recognize it. I assume OPNW (Olympic Provisions Northwest) wanted most of the space for working their sausage and other charcuterie magic, but the dining area that is left is pretty basic looking (and really bright from lots of windows) modern, sleek, but really crowded (especially as some of the tables are communal) and loud. When we first arrived, the place was packed, perhaps with people picking up sundries for their Friday night dinner and weekend noshes at the meat counter, and you could barely get through the door, or be heard at all. Later it settled down a bit, and wasn’t quite as crowded, and you could actually hear yourself think (or in my case, clunking noises were emanating from my cranium.) I’ve never been to the original OPE (East) but Barbara commented that she appreciated all the light and bright in this space opposed to the hulking warehouse atmosphere of the original OP (no flashing, broken MEAT sign here.) A couple of our late arrivals were confused by our communal table, however, and kept thinking the people at the end were new group members.