Basking In An Aura of Obscurity

Although I don’t know much about food carts, those restaurants in the Western suburbs, or the strip mall kinds of places, I do try to keep track of most the the “major” restaurant and bar openings in the Portland area. After all, this is basically my job as Restaurant Roulette hostess, to find the interesting new restaurants as well as visiting the established eateries. I use sources like, Portland Monthly, Portland Food and Drink, Willamette Week, and now and again, even in their sad days of food journalism, the Oregonian. Because of this, even if I’m not interested in visiting a restaurant, I still know it exists.

Not so for Gilda’s, which has been open who knows how long. (My guess is mid-2010??) Mention Gilda’s, even to a foodie, and chances are you will hear, where??? IMG_2133I still would not have heard of it were it not for Roger Porter posting a review on the Portland Food and Drink blog during late winter. I’m not even certain how he heard of Gilda’s, maybe he visited the Artist’s Repertory Theatre across the street. Anyway, Mr. Porter gave Gilda’s a decent review, and as everyone is always wanting to try a “new” Italian place, off we went, although I was still the only person in our group who had even heard of Gilda’s.

We were a decent sized bunch, there were seven of us, and we welcomed a new couple to our ranks, Cherene and Scott from Aurora. ScottĀ is a seafood lover and Cherene not so much, but as it happens, seafood is one of the things Gilda’s does best, so both of them ordered one form or another, as did everyone in our group I think.