The Trebol With Tribbles (it’s kinda noisy.)

IMG_2091This was our second dinner at Trebol, and it seems like much has changed in three years. For one thing, last time we had a dinner here, even though it was a Friday night, Trebol just wasn’t overly busy. This Friday evening, Trebol seemed liked it was really jumping, and has gained quite a bit of popularity in the interim, perhaps because this stretch of N. Albina Avenue has become much more traveled than even three years ago. Also, last time Restaurant Roulette ventured here, only four people wanted to try out the Mexican/NW/Sustainable cuisine featured here, and this time we has twelve takers, for whatever reason. It would be nice to view this surge of bodies as an indication of dining group health these days, but considering out last dinner was cancelled because I could not get a group together, and the dinner before that had a big whopping three of us, that would be completely delusional on my part. Maybe everyone just thought, ooooohhh, Mexican, that sounds good, and this is a place I haven’t been. Who can say. All I know is that it was nice to host a really popular dinner again (within the realm of big group craziness that always happens, of course.)

IMG_2092I checked my old blog entry, and it was also pre-Spring/Spring (of 2008) when our last dinner at Trebol took place, but that dinner must have been after the annual “springing ahead” of the clocks, because I remember that dinner started in the light, and this dinner took place in the dark with spitting rain .I know last time I liked the decor in Trebol, rather simple but colorful and vaguely South of the Border, with a really nice bar area. IMG_2082 This time I didn’t really see that much of Trebol, our table was taking up a great deal of the main area, but my impression was that its become one of those popular neighborhood eateries, much like the always wonderful Nuestra Cocina on Division. It appeared to me that more seating has been added, though, maybe one of those high food bars to eat at, and David (who was also at our last dinner) thought the room was different too. Well, added seating, always a good sign. One constant from last time, those ultra cheesy Spanish movies played on the TV in the bar, the bits I saw of this one  featuring someone prancing around in a scary mask and an old lady mummy. Every now and then I would hear someone at our table start laughing for no discernable reason, and I’d think, oh jeez, am I drooling again, but then I’d look around and see it was just those wacky onscreen antics creating the laughter. (more…)