I’m not a fan of Food Fusion. Just the idea of Italian with Japanese or Mexican with Lebanese practically sends chills of discontent up my spine. Different Europeans countries, that’s fine, or Spanish, Mexican, South American, those fit together nicely. But don’t go messing around with Asian-European, that just scares me away, they don’t belong together, you don’t have pasta sauce and soy sauce on the same menu.

This seems mostly a mental impediment on my part. I’ve eaten at Equinox, three or four times, and found the food fine, despite the fact that their menu is all over the map. IMG_2066The same with Wild Abandon, their menu is totally crazy, but the food is usually good. After the early days, however, except for a nice drink I’ve neverĀ been a fan of Saucebox, and have never been the least tempted to take the group to Departures, despite the beautiful space. Weird though it sounds, Asian/Asian fusion seems to be my least favorite. I want pure Japanese, or pure Thai, or pure Indian, none of this mix and match stuff.

That being said, I’m always looking for the quality restaurants out there, and after a quiet start last summer, suddenly all I was reading about toward the end of the year was what an interesting place Kin was, that their Fusion menu was high quality, beautifully prepared, and full of interesting flavors. Having experienced a very intriguingĀ late year dinner at the now dead FIN (as of February 14th) which could be described as Seafood/Asian, I was ready to give high quality Asian/NW fusion another try, especially after three people in the group asked to go there in a one month period.