To Lardo or Not To Lardo, That Is The Question


I read last week on, my source for much daily restaurant info, that Fin restaurant, opened this summer, has decided to “dumb down” the menu there to make their eatery more accessible to the masses and less elitist and Sel Gris like (the previous tenant in their space before the Barefoot Sage rooftop fire took Sel Gris with it.) After having had our last Restaurant Roulette dinner there, I must say this sounds like a shame, as few restaurants have as intriguing a menu of unusual food preparations as what we experienced during our meal at Fin.

To this point, two of the most buzzed about new restaurants this year (not counting the breakfast oriented Tasty N’ Sons and the soon to open Little Bird) almost seem like sister restaurants, as they are both in the same part of town (mid-eastside) both have hot young chefs, and both seemingly appeal to those ultra trendy folks who overflow at many of our town’s most popular dining spots. IMG_1893June, on E. Burnside, is the brainchild of Greg Perrault, previously head man at DOC, and from what I’ve read and heard, he has done a decent job creating a pleasant, middle of the road contemporary NW/Italian restaurant which has so far been long on talent (Daniel Mondok was sous chef, but has already left for Genoa) but short on rave reviews (but nonetheless packed.)  Fin, on lower Hawthorne, opened during the same approximate late summer time period, also has a well-respected young chef, Trent Pierce, and has a novel, for Portland anyway, approach to food “slinging”, a small menu, seafood only, and much of it raw. (more…)