Gasping for Breath Through An Andean Range of Cuisine

Andina, does any restaurant get more requests to go there than this place? Not with the legions of people who have passed through this dining group.IMG_1863 Although the requests might now cease and desist for awhile, it was rare when I had a dinner and someone didn’t mention, “what about Andina?” “I’ve always wanted to go to Andina” or the ever present, “Ooh, I love Andina.” Peruvian cooking really is one of the most fascinating cuisines on the planet, such unusual ingredients and preparations, and of course when people think of Peruvian Cuisine, they think of that flagship of Portland Peruvian Cooking, Andina.

Restaurant Roulette had actually visited Andina before, way back in 2006 as it’s third dinner ever, and I remember our group of seven was quite enthusiastic that evening, and enjoyed what they had, although I myself did a bit of thrashing around trying to decide what to order. IMG_1853Thanks to another Peruvian place in Portland, however, del Inti, I have learned a good deal about the food of Peru in the interim, and saw all kinds of things I was interested in ordering on the Andina menu during our group’s second visit. As it happens though, Andina is never the cheapest place in town (Pearl, need I say more) so I had to limit myself to a couple of dishes and taste as much of other people’s food as I could this evening.