The Dining Report – Irving Street Kitchen

Wacky Lighting Fixtures, An Annoying Dining Area, and the Delicious Missing Lamb

Sometimes, when summer starts to wane, so does my poor old brain. I have a terrible time being inside tapping away at my keyboard, knowing that soon those toasty summer days I live for are becoming shorter, and cooler, and soon I will be, literally, huddled around my space heater trying to type circulation back into my freezing fingers.IMG_1743 Almost every substantial vacation I have taken in my life has been to a warm climate, Mexico, the Caribbean, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and France (all in late summer months) I seek sun and warmth and light whenever possible, and when they are no longer available, I basically want to shrivel up (or in my case shiver up) and die. So when the weather is nice, I’m almost always outside, whenever possible, not pasted in front of my computer plunking out those pithy (or marginally pithy) comments on our latest dinner, no matter how successful or enjoyable our last dinner might have been. So excuse me if this particular dinner report comes across as extra lame, but summer is dying, and so is a large section of my heart (luckily most of my brain went years ago.) (more…)