Less Disgusting Than The TV Show, and Lasts A Lot Longer

Southpark, remember that place? (The restaurant, not the off-color TV show.) IMG_1713Well, I didn’t. I thought of it several summers ago, when I was compiling the original list of places I thought my new dining group should go to, but so many places opened after that, and Portland became a “dining destination”, and low and behold, I forgot about downtown stalwart Southpark (which I believe was originally billed as a mediterranean seafood restaurant.) Back when it opened, 10 years ago, 12 years ago, it was one of Portland’s nicer places, an attractive big space with “edgier” cooking than places like Jake’s or the now gone McCormick and Schmicks.

As most of the interesting dining locations are on the eastside now, except for a smattering in the Pearl and NW, I wasn’t sure how Southpark was doing these days, as I rarely go downtown, and you never read anything about it in the food publications. IMG_1708It does have a locational advantage over many eateries though, upscale dining really close to the Schnitz, so I figured it was still doing okay, at least as far as a special occasion customer base. I was actually relatively amazed when I got there on this fine summer Friday to see how well Southpark was doing, really, really busy, especially as it was entertaining a booming outdoor business. This fact came to haunt our evening, however, big restaurant, many full tables, 2/3rd the necessary staffing, many having to continually run outside to wait on al fresco patrons.