Spanish Small Plates, Glenda’s Shrunken Head, and Darkness

It seems like the dinners we have at restaurants that have small plates are always some of the best, because everyone orders several items and is usually eager to share. Recently, I had a hankering for some Spanish small plates, and while Toro Bravo is always tops on my list, with the group dynamic, forget it. There’s another good “tapas” (sort of, not really) place in town though, and while the bill always seems to add up more rapidly there, much of the food at Lolo is delicious and interesting. So, as I had not hosted a dinner at this Spanish inspired Alberta joint since the fall of 2007, off we went.

IMG_1509The two times I’ve been there, Lolo has struck me as a fun and bustling neighborhood eatery, but that might just be because the acoustics are pretty bad, and it always seems loud and hard to hear. Both times I was at Lolo, I was seated in almost the same exact place, in the front facing the west wall, so  I really didn’t get a good idea if Lolo is being hurt by the slow economy or not, as I could not see the other tables or the front door. They seemed busy enough, but as previously mentioned, that could have been an illusion because of all the noise. I mainly mention this because the last time I was at Lolo’s sister restaurant, Giorgio’s in the Pearl, I was struck by the fact that they didn’t seem very busy on a Saturday night. Who knows though, I think the Pearl is a late dining sort of area, and Alberta doesn’t exactly strike me as the sort of area where Mom and Pop rush out for dinner at 5:00 PM sharp. I did notice when we left Lolo, however, around 10:00 or so, it seemed pretty quiet. (more…)