The Dining Report – Indish

Where’s Lassi When You Need Her?


First of all, I hate to disappoint you all, but this will be a rare review, one where I can’t begin by going on and on and on infinitive about the history of the Indish, or its neighborhood, or the space it occupies, becauseĀ  I really don’t know any of that. I don’t even know how long Indish has been in operation, although I think it’s somewhat new, after all, I’ve never heard of it, and I do try to keep up somewhat well, unless places are in far SW. The first I heard of Indish was a very positive review I read two weeks before in the A & E. I know nothing about the space, except that for years Star’s Antique Mall was on the corner here, and perhaps in this space as well (Cha Cha Cha’s very busy high-end taqueria is in the corner spot now). And except for a few selected areas, I actually know very little about NW 21st in this sector, except that it’s somewhat off the beaten path as far as 21st more famous restaurant row up north a few blocks.

IMG_1222Here’s what I have read about Indish. The owner is an affable Indian fellow from England, formerly in the field of law, who moved here with his wife, a chef, and decided to open an Indian restaurant featuring the more subtle flavors of Northern Indian food, rather than the showy “wedding food Indian” cuisine that most East Indian restaurants in the USA feature. This means lighter foods rubbed in spices for flavor, rather than heavy, hot dishes smothered in curries. Another difference, things like chapati instead of naan (okay, I admit it, this one broke my heart). Also, highly unusual, Indish has recently reconfigured their entire menu to what they call tapas sized plates, which just sounds too weird to me when it comes to Indian food, so I’ll just refer to them as “small plates”. They also have a highly chatty website/blog, which it looks like they update continually, and that comes across as rather endearingly personal (Laura, chef/wife recently sprained her ankle, so restaurant was closed for a few days, things like that).