First of all, let me clarify, I am not of a lazy nature, except when it comes to blogging. I have spent our warmer months doing PLENTY of yard work, housecleaning, exercising, even a mini building project, I just have not had the willpower to sit around plunking on my keyboard. Consequently, I have actually read many of those books I obsessively buy, so much nicer when sitting out on the deck surrounded by flora and fauna than my winter routine of reading huddled in front of a space heater. But heartbreakingly, the summer yard work season is already waning, my crazed trips to the gardening center are over, and in a month and a half, I’m sure to be stationed in front of that space heater once again. So it’s time to gather some discipline and start training myself once again to spend many of my home hours in front of this glowing screen, devoting huge increments of time documenting our latest RR dinner, instead of my summer computer activity, fantasizing about cheap Craig’s List vacation rentals I’m viewing on-line.

First of all, since I’ve been away (in late July) our good friends Tori and Dave managed to produce their offspring, Kellen Nunn Jones. Although we may not see them again for 15 years of so, I know we all applaud their effort and wish the best for Tori, Dave, young Kellen and brother Jimmy (hey, dogs are people too!)

I can’t really tell you what’s going on with too many other people in the group, as I haven’t seen or heard from them (HINT, HINT) but for those of you who remember those glory days when Marnie and Leo were wonderful members, they finally found a really swanky looking abode to their liking our in Aloha, and moved in a couple of weeks ago. So yes, now we Oregonians are stuck with them, until they decide to try to flip their somewhat rural mansion. I’ve also dined privately with a few people from our seemingly fragmented dining group, so have managed a couple of dinners at Toro Bravo, and meals at Tapalaya, Navarre, and the scary but festive food carts on Hawthorne (there’s nothing like a meal consisting of fries and a hand pie). I’ve also had lunches at The Blue Olive, Nel Centro, Meat Cheese and Bread, and Navarre. Really not much eating out over a three month time period, especially from someone who got sick of eating their own cooking over 3 years ago.

Restaurant Roulette did manage a couple of dinners in June, both with only a sprinkling of attendees, so I will include some comments on them to follow, as they featured good meals. I know times are tough out there, but things are supposed to be looking up, so hopefully we will see a few more of your food filled faces over the coming months.

So anyway, let’s begin with the review I started to write, In early June, on our dinner at Park Kitchen ….


A Palace of Ample Parking

Okay, you tell me. When is the last time you went to a dinner at a famous Pearl District eatery, on a Saturday evening at 6:30, and everyone in your group found metered parking either in front of or two doors down from the restaurant? True, we were a small group, but still, three cars worth of parking in the P.D. at a peak entertainment time, miraculous! So just remember, if you want a great meal and plentiful parking, head for Park Kitchen.