Bimbo Prom Queens, Strip Clubs, and How Not To Pay For Your Meal

This stupid recession is seeming killing our friendly little dining group, and because of general lack of attendance and such a tiny core of current regulars (but I really appreciate you guys!) I fret and mull over every restaurant I put on the itinerary, worried if I can gather enough bodies to have each dinner. A good example of this was the one dinner I tried to have in April, at Navarre, a total washout where I could only wrangle one person into joining me, and that person even changed their mind when they learned their terrible fate, having to dine alone with ME. Believe me, I wouldn’t eat alone with me either given the choice, but that lousy law of physics keeps preventing me from escaping my own company, try though I might.

The reason I’m off on this tangent is to illustrate my trepidation over each restaurant I select for the roster, wondering, is this a bad night for so and so, have too many people already eaten here, what if this or that regular can’t or won’t come because of ?????????? …… blah, blah, blah, on and on. Since last fall I had a general list of places that we were going to try, and while we managed a few, basically I threw the whole lot out, for now at least. I’m always tempted by the new places, and you can bet in the next few months we’ll be visiting David Machado’s gigantic new Italian place downtown and that new Laurelhurst meat joint across from Music Millenium, but obviously, not too many people are confident enough to open new restaurants the way our economy is going.

As a few of you might remember, from RR’s earliest days, I used to hand out a large list of potential restaurants at many of the dinners, and have people vote on which places they most wanted to go. Actually, it’s probably unlikely that anyone remembers these lists, as I never see my original members at dinners these days, although I know one or two still browse the blog on occasion (usually when they run out of Ambien CR, Lunestra, or Sominex). As fate would have it though, I pulled one of these moldy oldie lists from my desk drawer a few weeks ago, and actually decided that a few of these restaurants from this two year old list didn’t look half bad.IMG_1086 Thus our latest dinner, at Iorio, a pleasant little place on lower Hawthorne I never really hear of read anything about, even after at least four years in business, but it seems to have built a decent following as time has passed.