Queen of Sheba logoIt was quite an ironic evening, as multitudes of you wrote down you wanted to eat at Queen of Sheba, but it was our most poorly attended dinner in months. That’s okay though, as the holidays are approaching and schedules are tighter, and illness is afoot, and those of you who came were lots of fun. That being said, however, I don’t want to hear any of the absent whining in the future about wanting to go to places like Queen of Sheba, this was your chance at that third world dining experience. But also, thank you to most of my regulars who couldn’t come and let me know that, and to my two last minute drop outs who got ill and had to work, thank you for letting us know not to wait for you. Your efforts are appreciated.

Two of our attendees, Marnie and Leo, kindly volunteered to write the majority of the Dining Report. Marnie’s a well seasoned writer with a good sense of humor, so for more of her fun writing check out her blog at her website listed at the bottom of her review. I’m going to tack on a few comments at the bottom, since we all know I can ever let anyone have the last word.