Siam Society logoI offered the group a chance to submit their reviews of S.S., but everyone had the common sense to decline, so you’re stuck with me yammering away again.

Restaurant Roulette’s evening at Siam Society could be summed up as a very long evening of waiting and sharing. I would have to strain my memory banks severely to come up with another dining experience quite this long, almost three hours. The waiting began the minute we entered the attractive but practically dismembering (and strangely flimsy looking,) front doors, the tiny waiting area holding our anxious party of seven (the front area was like Grand Central Station, and most of us had fears of either being trampled or knocking over the gigantic and expensive looking ceramic urn precariously perched on the tiny and also expensive looking glass table next to the entry way.) Despite having a reservation, an available table was not ready for at least 15-20 minutes after our party arrived, which was not surprising, as not only was this place packed to the gills, but everything moved V E R Y S L O W L Y.