Nuestra Cocina logoHopefully a good time was had by all at Nuestra Cocina, one of our most successful turnouts. A mix of old and new faces feasted on the delicious south of the border inspired food and drinks at this always hopping SE hotspot for Urban Mexican Cuisine. Although getting a table for eight without a reservation on a Friday night can be a scary proposition, our timing was just right, the necessary over 50 percent showing up for us to be seated after less than 15 minutes sipping our delicious Long Island Ice Teas in the bar (these concoctions can be lethal, but NC blends them into sweet and delicious elixer of divine intoxication.) Also yummy here, several choices of fine Magaritas and a refreshing Mojito. This is a restaurant that has done everything right since its inception a couple of years ago, from the modest but appealing decor to the crisp and casual service, not to mention the delicious aromas wafting around the restaurant from the open grill blackening onions and peppers and griddling the soft and warm stacks of handmade tortillas.

The entrees and small plates around the table this evening were quite varied, and the majority were proclaimed to be first rate. From the Spinach Salad with bacon (L.V., you daredevil,) to the Gorditas, through the Lamb Tacos, Chili Rellaenos, (so much for spelling,) Chicken Mole, melt in your mouth Spiced Carlton Pork, and delicious but intensely spicy Carne Asada, everyone seemed pleased with almost everything they ordered (although there was one no vote for the Cerviche, and a certain feeling of disapointment that the homemade tortillas were not still around to mop up the last bites of each flavorful entree, they stopped after about 40 or so, I guess the Tortilla Lady got tired arms.) The homemade desserts included such N.C. mainstays as creme and fruit filled crepes and chocolate pound cake with homemade cinnamon ice cream, although almost everyone at the table passed on these treats after their hearty entrees.

An evening of fun conversation and good eats. Nuestra Cocina moves up to my top 6, it’s so appealing in so many ways.